Pet Dental Health & Teeth Cleaning

Dental health is just as important in pets as it is in people. Dental disease can lead to bad breath, infection, pain, and systemic diseases. During each examination, we perform an oral exam and dental evaluation and discuss the state of your pet’s dental hygiene. At that time we may recommend an in-house pet teeth cleaning to keep their teeth healthy but also to remove tartar, plaque and treat gingivitis. If it's been over a year since your pet has had a deep-down dental cleaning, call our animal hospital in Rockville to schedule an examination today.

Pet Dental Care in Rockville

Our Anesthetic Process

If your pet is due for a deep-down teeth cleaning to either prevent or treat dental disease, they will have to be put under anesthesia. When your pet needs tartar scaled, or removed, and X-rays, anesthesia is the safest option and allows for the most thorough procedure. The team at Woodley Gardens Veterinary Care watches over your pet's safety throughout their stay with us and takes precautions to reduce any adverse reactions to anesthesia including:

  • Before each pet dental cleaning, we run pre-anesthetic blood work to check for contraindications.
  • During every anesthetic procedure, we carefully watch vital signs and administer IV fluids for hydration.
  • A technician from our team stays with your pet throughout the procedure, including as they awaken from anesthesia.
  • After the procedure, your pet's core body temperature is kept warm with heated tables and blankets.

Good dental health contributes to the overall health of pets. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns about pet teeth cleaning, either at home or in our office.


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