Essential Protection with Pet Vaccinations

Pet vaccinations provide essential protection against various contagious illnesses. In fact, it's only been since the prevalent use of vaccinations that the spread of many debilitating diseases has been curtailed -- for animals and people. At Woodley Gardens Veterinary Care in Rockville, we follow the vaccine guidelines provided by the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association. While some vaccines are standard, no two pets are likely to have the same vaccine plan and we tailor every pet's care to suit their unique needs.

Pet Vaccinations in Rockville

A Timeline to Keep in Mind

Vaccine schedules are dependent on when we first vaccinate your pet and their individual needs. Though no less important, some vaccines and the frequency with which they're updated are considered lifestyle. Therefore, we consider your pet's activity level and travel tendencies when making recommendations for their individual vaccine plan. However, there are general guidelines you might find useful:

  • Puppies require initial vaccines and one to two booster shots spaced 3-4 weeks apart with a final booster given a year from the date of the last.
  • Kittens require initial vaccines and a booster shot 3-4 weeks later with a final booster given a year from the date of the last.
  • After a booster series is completed in its entirety, dogs and cats are revaccinated every one to three years depending on their needs.

If you're ready to schedule your pet's vaccinations or would like any more information, don't hesitate -- reach out! Our team looks forward to guiding you on all your pet care needs.


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