Pet Wellness Care & Annual Exams

Pet wellness care in the form of various preventive services and annual visits limit the onset of illness and provide early detection and action for issues that may be found. During wellness exams, we may recommend vaccination for prevention of infectious diseases, discuss the prevention of internal and external parasites, and have a proper nutrition and weight consultation. We understand age is not a disease, but as any pet gets older, there is an increased chance for more problems to arise. For this reason, it is highly recommended that our senior patients have bi-annual visits.


Pet Exams in Rockville

Conditions Senior Pets Are Prone To

Thanks to modern veterinary medicine, our pets are staying healthier longer. You might even find that the bond between you and your pet is at its strongest in their senior years. Still, while you and your pet may understand each other the best, you may also see chronic health issues arise as they grow older making routine exams all the more important. Some of the conditions senior pets are prone to include:

  • Cognitive dysfunction - The effects of aging on the brain can be indicated by increased vocalization, irregular sleep patterns, and sound sensitivity. Keep in mind that behavior changes can also be your first clue that your pet is ill in general.
  • Cancer - As pets age, so does their risk for cancer. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), nearly half of dogs over 10 years old will be affected by cancer.
  • Arthritis - Senior pets are prone to bone and joint disease and may show signs through weight gain, difficulty moving around, limping, sleeping excessively, and more.
  • Diabetes - When caught early, diabetes in pets is the most manageable. Obesity, a condition affecting older pets, makes them most at risk. At Woodley Gardens, we can advise you on the best diet for your senior pet.
  • Heart disease - The same as middle-aged and older people may be prone to heart disease, pets can be too. While heart disease is not easily preventable, bi-annual visits can alert us to irregular heart rhythms.
  • Kidney disease - Your pet may show signs of this progressive condition by drinking more water than usual, but the earliest way to be alerted to kidney disease is through diagnostic testing with us.
  • Urinary tract disease - Older pets are prone to bacterial infections of the urinary tract and bladder stones. Visit us if your pet is having difficulty urinating. If left untreated, urinary tract infections can travel to the kidneys.


Extra Wellness Care for Puppies and Kittens


Routine veterinary visits are important for pets of all ages, but puppies and kittens are vulnerable to infections and diseases. We advise our clients to bring a new puppy or kitten in during the first few months of their life and check-in several more times during their first year for various reasons including the following:

  • Some puppies and kittens can be born with intestinal parasites making testing and possible deworming essential.
  • Your new puppy or kitten will also need vaccinations and a series of boosters to further strengthen their immunities.
  • Caring for young pets can be challenging in more ways than one. Ask us about behavioral and nutritional advice.

In addition to sticking to a medical plan, you will likely be working on training a new pet and may be interested in the best diet for their growing body. We're happy to guide you on how to care for all aspects of your pet's well being. Furthermore, we can give you recommendations on outside resources as well.

Contact Us For All-Stage Wellness Exams!

It's true that pets give us unconditional love and we at Woodley Gardens Veterinary Care want to repay that love with lasting health. By bringing your adult pet in annually, your senior pet in bi-annually, and your puppy or kitten a little more often, you'll help further your bond and their quality of life. When you visit for pet wellness care, we specifically look for the signs of disease, run any needed tests, and counsel you on at-home care. Contact us for more information or schedule your pet with us today.


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