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Protecting Your Pet with Essential Vaccinations

Vaccines protect your pet from dangerous and highly contagious animal diseases. Through the responsible use of vaccinations, these serious diseases are controlled. Most diseases your pet will be vaccinated against are not contagious to humans, but rabies and leptospirosis can be transmitted from animals to people.

It’s important to vaccinate your pet even if they stay indoors, as some diseases require minimal exposure to be contracted. By staying up-to-date on your pet’s core and non-core (lifestyle) vaccines, your pet is more likely to stay protected and healthy. No two pets may have the same vaccine schedule, as we tailor every pet’s care to suit their unique needs. At Woodley Gardens Veterinary Care, we follow the vaccine guidelines provided by the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Standard Core Vaccines

Certain vaccines are considered ‘core’ by the veterinary community due to the severity of the viruses they protect against. Some lethal diseases, like feline panleukopenia, are uncommon thanks to vaccinations. Core vaccines include:

  • Both cats and dogs are vaccinated against rabies
  • Dogs are vaccinated against four different diseases, commonly called the distemper-parvo combo
  • Cats are vaccinated against three different diseases, including feline distemper and panleukopenia

About Your Pet’s Vaccination Schedule

Puppies and kittens are still developing their immune systems and can be the most susceptible to viruses and bacteria. For this reason, they should receive their initial round of vaccinations during their first few months of life. Afterwards, boosters help to further strengthen their immunities. Vaccines offer protection for either one or three years and should be updated in your adult pet according to our recommended schedule. Depending on your pet’s lifestyle, we may also recommend additional vaccinations for optimal protection. Please ask us for more information about how to keep your pet healthy and protected with essential vaccinations.

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